High Voltage

CREATIVE SHOOT / I took this photo of my Boyfriend, Bryan at this museum of illusions in Toronto. It was a red light room that changes to blue and green. I really enjoyed the process of editing this photo by combining two photos and overlaying it. It turned out pretty cool. 

Sokphal / Creative Shoot

CREATIVE SHOOT / I took this photo about a year ago with my good friend Sokphal. We just decided one day we would do a creative shoot. We went to Toronto on a beautiful day. I took a lot of photos and here are the two photos I really liked from the shoot. Also I got to style him on this photoshoot. I feel I went a little minimal with the wardrobe but I believe it worked out pretty well.

Men's Wardrobe Essentials You Should Own

For the past couple of months i have been so busy with school and work. I try to keep up with all my social medias but sometimes its so hard due to so much assignments and work. Surviving my first two months in my first year college was challenging. I commute from my hometown to the city. It takes at least an hour and a half just to get to my school. I rather be doing school work with that travel time. So i plan to move to Toronto for next year. It will help with my time management and i could blog more often. This week was my break so i had a chance to take photos with couple of my friends for our blogs and such.
I live in Canada, where the weather is very unpredictable. It will go to warm to really cold. I try to wear something light and warm pieces to balance it out. Picking out outfits for school sometimes can be challenging too. Sometimes i feel so lazy and i just want to wear something comfortable but i try not to because first impression to me is a huge thing. I like to empres…

New Chapter

Hey Everyone! Hope you all are doing great. I haven't been posting much on this blog for few months now. I thought i should update you guys. So I got accepted to a fashion school here in Toronto. I am on my first year now. School has been really busy with so much Assignments and projects. That's why i haven't been posting much. I do post on my instagram and i will making a new video on my channel soon.

New thing i did this month is that i finally chopped my hair off three weeks ago and donated it to Pantene Locks of Love. I really miss my long hair but it is for a good cause and i wanted a new fresh look for school. Speaking of school. I go to George Brown located in downtown Toronto (The Six). Thank you Drake for representing haha. I have been loving all my classes and can't wait to learn more things about the fashion industry. I think thats all i wanted to say. I will try to post new looks once a week but i can't promise. I really miss blogging so much. Until ne…